Why Colombia?

Come to Colombia and read here why!

Colombia has so much to offer: the enormous Amazon rainforest, the impressive Andes mountain range, the beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, charming colonial villages and above all a very friendly and warm population. Ideal for the adventurous traveler who loves outdoor activities in untouched nature: trekking, paragliding, (deep sea) diving, cycling, etc. But also for the beach lover and those who are interested in Colombia’s rich history and landscapes

Very friendly people

Colombia’s population is very diverse: from the indigenous tribes (los indígenas) that still live mainly in the relatively isolated areas of the country, to the middle and upper class in large cities such as Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. And everything in between. All very different people, but what they have in common is their hospitality, warmth and friendliness.

Colombians are genuinely interested in foreigners. So do not be surprised if you are invited to their home!

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Beautiful nature

According to the United Nations Environment Program and other organizations, Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. From the pink dolphins in the Amazon river to the jaguars in Parque Nacional Chiribiquete. And from the colorful frogs in Capurganá to the majestic condor in the Andes: Colombia is a true paradise for nature lovers.

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Ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities

Colombia’s Andes mountain range, Tatacoa desert, Amazon jungle, tropical islands and much more are ideal for all kinds of sports, wellness and other outdoor activities: snorkeling and diving at the beautiful coasts, paragliding in San Gil, hiking and mountain climbing in El Cocuy or enjoy a soothing mud bath in Arboletes.

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Colombia is hot!

Because peace has been signed between the government and groups that gave Colombia a bad reputation, the country has developed strongly over the past few years and it has become much safer than before. Former Colombian President Santos has even received the Nobel Peace Prize for this achievement. Because of these developments, foreign visitors can now also travel to the more remote and truly authentic parts of the country.

Except for the visitor, this development is also an opportunity for the local residents as they have extra opportunities to make a living, for example by organizing excursions for you or by preparing one of the local delicacies for you.

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Colombiaanse natuur
Cartagena Colombia


Below you find suggestions about interesting destinations.

But we know many more.

Tell us what you are looking for. We will then compose your perfect Colombia trip.

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Colombia has everything to experience a true adventure. Your next adventure!

Colombia has everything for experiencing a true adventure. Your next adventure!

Historic villages, impressive landscapes, vibrant cities, all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, a special culture and above all a cordial and hospitable population.

As connoisseurs and lovers of the country, our goal is to make you experience that authentic Colombia.

Get to know the wide variety of nature in our country.

Do all kinds of cultural experiences in the various regions of our country.

Take part in the many indoor and outdoor (sports) activities in different environments.

Enjoy and unwind with the many possibilities in the field of wellness and health.

We let you experience authentic Colombia, with an eye for the interests of the local population and the impact of your visit on the environment.

Why choose us?

Most of us are Colombians, very proud of our beautiful country!
And we are eager to show you its beauty!

Teams in the Netherlands and in Colombia

The Inspiring Colombia team is set up by Iván Dávila Velandia (manager Colombia) and Mark Heijmeijer (manager Netherlands), married to Colombian Estela and a true Colombia lover.

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We know Colombia and have an excellent regional network

Nobody knows Colombia, its different regions, its customs and its possibilities better than the Colombians!
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Tailor made trips based on your interests

With our knowledge of the different regions and possibilities of Colombia, together with you we compose your ideal trip to our country.
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Suatainable travelling and social involvement

We are convinced that not only you should enjoy your visit to Colombia, but the locals should enjoy your visit too.

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Be inspired!

Colombia has everything to experience a true adventure. Your next adventure! Watch these videos and get inspired!



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