Het Colombiaanse Amazonegebied

Een natuurparadijs.

Get to know the Colombian Amazon full of culture and exotic landscapes

Het Amazonegebied van Colombia ligt in het zuiden van het land en is een schitterend gebied voor natuurliefhebbers en voor hen die de culturen van de inheemse bewoners willen leren kennen.

De verschillende groepen die hier leven zijn etnisch erg verschillend. Het is uniek om kennis te maken met hun cultuur, overtuigingen en rituelen en om een indruk te krijgen van hun relatie met de natuur. Echt authentiek Colombia!

De flora in dit prachtige gebied is adembenemend en er leven enorm veel verschillende dieren. De kans is groot dat je roze dolfijnen, prachtige vogels en verschillende soorten apen kunt bewonderen.


The Amazon is a jungle, where it is hot and humid and where it rains a lot. The average temperature is between 22 °C and 24 °C, but due to the high humidity, the perceived temperature can be higher.

Recommended clothing

To protect yourself from the weather and mosquitoes, we advise you to wear long trousers, long-sleeved clothes, boots and a hat. And make sure you bring a rain jacket.

How to get there?

You fly from Bogotá to Leticia in the south of the country, at the border triangle of Peru, Colombia and Brazil. There you can use a boat, taxi, bus or motorbike. Some reserves can only be reached by boat or on foot.

What does this place offer you?

• The great diversity of flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest.
• Ecotourism.
• Adventurous activities.
• The special culture of the local indigenous population.

What to do?

• Walk through the Natural Parks of Cahuinarí and Amacayacu, where you can enjoy the jungle, rivers and exotic animals such as the pink dolphin.
• Visit the indigenous communities and learn about their rituals, culture and beliefs.
• Try to spot the many species of colorful tropical birds.
• Make a boat trip on the impressive Amazon River.
• View the largest lotus plants in the world, which can grow up to one and a half meters in diameter.

Typical local dishes

• Piracucú: a delicious fish from the region that is served fried.
• Copaazú cream: a dessert made with condensed milk and the pulp of the cupuaçu, a traditional fruit of the region.
• Mojojoy: a thick white worm that is eaten fried or grilled. Some people even eat it alive…. Do you dare?


• Make sure you are vaccinated against yellow fever.
• Bring natural insect repellents instead of a product in an aerosol. Aerosol repellents can have a negative influence on certain animal and plant species in the jungle.
• If you want to take a photo or video of indigenous inhabitants, ask for their permission in advance.
Wildlife in Amazonegebied Colombia
Leticia Amazonegebied Colombia
Leticia Amazonegebied Colombia

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