San Agustín

De meest belangrijke archeologische plek van Colombia.

Archaeological tourism in San Agustin Colombia

Het Archeologisch Park van San Augustín vertegenwoordigt een van de mysteries van de precolumbiaanse culturen van Colombia. Het staat op de lijst van Werelderfgoed van Unesco.

De stenen kunstwerken in het park geven een goede indruk van de oudste beschavingen van Amerika, met name van de begrafenisrituelen van de bewoners uit die tijd.


Average temperature 22°C.

Recommended clothing

To explore the park we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes, a hat and sneakers.

How to get there?

San Augustín can be reached by car, taxi or bus. From Bogotá it is a six hour drive to Neiva, from where you drive to San Augustín in three hours.

What does this place offer you?

• You get a good insight into pre-Columbian history.
• You admire a collection of hundreds of impressive archaeological finds.
• You enjoy the particularly beautiful landscape.

What to do?

• Walk through the beautiful large park and see the large stone statues and well-preserved remains of (burial) rituals of the pre-Columbian culture.
• Visit the museum to get an impression of other archaeological objects from that time.
• Enjoy horseback riding in the beautiful surroundings.
• Visit Tablón, La Pelota and El Purutal, the places where the pre-Columbian inhabitants used to pray for a good harvest and fertility.

Typical local dishes

• Achiras: fried dough made with fresh curd, butter, egg and the starch of the achira, a plant of South American origin.
• Asado huilense: a clay oven-cooked dish made from marinated pork, vegetables and herbs.
• Peeled maize arepas: a kind of bread, baked from dough made from, among other things, maize flour.


• In order to fully understand the history of San Augustín, we recommend that you take a tour with a local guide.
• Bring plenty to drink and a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun.
• Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly.

What else to see and do?

• Estrecho de Magdalena – 9 km from San Augustín.
A special place where the course of Magdalena River, one of Colombia's most important rivers, narrows to allow it to flow between the rock formations.
• Salto de los Bordones – 37 km from San Augustín.
A beautiful waterfall high in the mountains.
• Puracé National Natural Park – 58 km from San Augustín.
A nature reserve with lagoons, a volcano, hot springs and a wide variety of plants and animals, such as the condor.
Pre-columbiaanse cultuur San Agustín Colombia
Natuur San Augustín Colombia
Pre-columbiaanse cultuur San Agustín Colombia

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