Find adventure and history in San Gil and Barichara

San Gil is located on the road that leads from the capital Bogotá to the north coast. It is a historic city and the area is an eldorado for practicing adventurous sports. In addition, you can enjoy the culture of the interior of Colombia and the coffee culture.

If you want you can also camp very well here and as already indicated this is the place for outdoor sports: rafting, kayaking, paragliding, abseiling or descending with ropes from heights of 100 meters or more. Obviously under the guidance of qualified and certified guides to ensure safety.

At 20 minutes from San Gil you find the most beautiful city in Colombia: Barichara. Barichara is considered one of the architectural gems of America: the cobbled streets, the beautiful balconies and the Spanish colonial houses in good condition give the impression of times gone by.

In addition, you can enjoy the delicious food and the beauty of the locally made products.


Average temperature 26°C.

Recommended clothing

Due to the heat, we recommend that you wear summer clothes and comfortable shoes for walking. And if you are going to do an extreme sport, it is of course important to wear the right shoes and clothin

How do you get there?

From Bogotá it is a beautiful drive of about six hours by bus or car to Barichara. From Bucaramanga the journey takes about 3 hours.

What does this place offer you?

• A beautiful and rugged landscape.
• Adventure sports.
• A very characteristic village with well-preserved houses in Spanish colonial style.

What to do?

• Walk through the cobbled streets of Barichara, where time seems to have stood still.
• Visit Salto del Mico and enjoy the magnificent view.
• Go rappelling at the Juan Curí waterfall.
• Discover the caves Cueva de la Vaca, Cueva del Indio and the Cueva Antigua and try to find your way out.

Typical local dishes

• Big ass ants: large roasted ants (snack).
• Pepitoria: a Spanish dish with goat's blood, liver, heart, kidneys and goat intestines, onion, garlic, rice, egg, pepper, cumin and salt.
• Sabajón: a sweet alcoholic drink made with cognac, milk, egg and flavors such as coffee, blackberries and feijoa, a fruit unknown in the Netherlands.


• Make sure you bring enough water and sun protection.
• The road to Barichara is a winding road. So drink plenty of water and prepare yourself to avoid motion sickness as much as possible.
• In Barichara and the surrounding area so-called small tuc tucs are used as taxi’s.

What else to see and do?

• Enjoy the architecture of the village of Socorro and go canoeing on the Suárez River – 21 km from San Gil.
• Visit the Panachi Park where, in addition to extreme sports, you can also discover the Chicamocha Canyon, a canyon that is even deeper than the Colorado in the United States – 29 km from San Gil.
• Las Gachas is an area full of natural water springs with reddish and yellow colors in the middle of the mountains – 69 km from San Gil.
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